Zero Review: SRK and Anuska Shine In This Too Fantastical Tale By Aanand L Rai

Films come and go and only a few can leave a lasting impression if they have something unique to offer. However, there is no definition of ‘unique’ and it has to be infused in the script very carefully as well as in a very-very equal proportion. The audience is sharp enough to catch in case anything overlaps the other ingredient. This is what happened with the much-awaited Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero as the film makes you laugh as well as cry at certain places but fails to ignite that spark in too.


Bauaa (Shah Rukh), who hails from UP and is a vertically challenged fellow, is in his late 30s and looking for a match. One day he comes across Aafia (Anuska), who is a scientist and is also in a quest to find a match, on a matrimonial website and reaches to meet her. Unaware to the reality, he finds Aafia wheel-chair bound because she is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. However, they like each other; and thus their love story takes such a flight that it lands in bed having the two physical.

zero review

Bauua and Aafia decide to marry, but Babita Kumari (Katrina), the top Bollywood actress and the dream girl of Bauua, makes her hot entry. Bauua rushes to meet Babita leaving his marriage behind and Aafia in tears. Finding him a lovable chap, Babita keeps Bauua as his personal boy. Bauua wishes to marry Babita but she wants him to go back to Aafia; therefore, she abuses him after Bauua misbehaves with her ex Aditya (Abhay). Eventaully, Bauua retreats to Aafia and gets surprised that Aafia has a chid girl from Bauua and is all set to marry Sirin (Madhavan).

How does Bauua react to all this? Does Aafia forget him or marry Sirin. Does Babita come in Bauu’s life? The answers to these questions form the climax of Zero.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Himanshu Sharma, the story of Zero is too fantastical; therefore, in an attempt to leave the audience awe-struck it goes illogical at times. Moreover, the script and screenplay fail to establish the character of Bauua as a clean protagonist and you find it tough to get associated with him emotionally. Similar is the case with Babita Kumar. The audience fails to understand this whimsical character as well.

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Besides these, the audience finds it difficult to digest the hero of the film flees from his marriage just to have a date with a Bollywood star who is shown as the biggest reason for leaving Aafia in the film. The fantasy of the writer goes on and he makes Bauua reach NASA and puts him on the job of landing on Mars and so on. The script in the last 15 minutes is nothing but a page torn from a nursery book.

Dialogues of Zero are impressive and some of them even really make a great impact. Bauua steals the show with his witty dialogues. The conversation between the characters keeps you engaged and you get the moments where you can even giggle.


Aanand L Rai, who made a special place in Bollywood as well as in our hearts with his desi-dramas like Tanu Weds Manu 1 &2, Ranjhana, Happy Bhaag Jayegi, etc., seemed to lose everything as he helms Zero.


Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua nails it and you feel like if someone can play a vertically challenged fellow he is only SRK. He looks so natural and energetic that you get mesmerized whenever he appears on the screen.

review of zero


I will give 3 out of five to Ajay-Atul for creating such a melodious songs. ‘Mere Naam Tu’ touches the heart while ‘Husn Parcham’, ‘Heer Badnaam’ are foot-tapping. The background score too brings out every emotions exceptionally.

Why Should You Watch?

I am sure SRK fans might have already enjoyed it. The rest can decide after reading this review.

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