You Must Check Out These Underrated But Best Dialogues of Shahrukh Khan On His Birthday

The Baadshah of Bollywood, the king of romance, Shahrukh Khan tomorrow and he is receiving adorable wishes from all across. But do you know what fetched him the most exceptional title ‘the king khan? Yes, his extraordinary dialogues; therefore, we present you a compilation of the best dialogues of Shahrukh Khan you must check out today because his dialogues are enough to make your day.


How True!!!

best dialogues of sharukh khan

How many of you also do the same?




My dear ladies… attention, please!!😂😃😂😃


Well said….Ab THOKO taali.




Don’t get him wrong. He is saying something else other than “I am not a terrorist.”











































Only SRK Can Balance This Deadly Combination. Right?

How relevant this dialogue even in today’s era. Nothing has changed much.

Yeah!!! It’s a matter of research I think.

Ye toh bhaari wala hai bhai saab!!😝😛

Here comes another!!

Oye…Heavy dialogues one after another are flooding.

With this…SRK is setting some serious ‘Dhanda’ (business) goals here.

Dimaag se khelo….dimaag se!!😂😃

Madan Chopra…teri maa ki saa ki naaka😂😃

Ab kya rulaayega kya pagle…😭😜😝

Haan…je hui na baat confidence wali…..Sikho sikho kuch inse.

I love the swag this man carries. Truly matchless!!

Bro, could you please tell me how should I get to know whether my life is short or long😝😛

Wohi to nahi nikalta saala…..bahotehi kamina hai!

Bro, if you talk like this I won’t fight with you anymore😭😜😝

Aaj Ka Gyaan….kis kis ko chaaiye….abey KISS nahi ….kis kis bola (किस-किस)…faaltu mindbaaz.

Shahrukh…you have gone slightly over the board this time. But I still love it.


Aisa koi mujhe bhi mil jaaye…to baat ban jaaye🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

Ganda hai par dhanda hai ye

Bhai mujhe CEO bana de…I also love ‘Nasha’ bear, whiskey, vodaka, rum….hum bhi nahi hain kuch kum…Waah Waah!!

This last one is dedicated to all my poor ‘shaadi-shuda’ fellows…..

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