Why Cheat India Review: Emraan Hashmi Enlivens A Con Man In This Sweet-Bitter Satire On Education System

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Although, there have been many films pointing out the flaws in our education system, but one of the best recent satires we have come across in Indian cinema are Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. The latest release Why Cheat India joins the league and looks like trying digging even harder this time. So, let’s find out how successful it has been in its endeavor.


Rakesh Sing aka (Hashmi), a city con man who is an examination fixer, picks Satyendra or Sattu (Snigdhadeep Chatterjee) as his easy prey because his father is in debt and then the A-game of taking a whopping sum from the weak but well-to-do students and get them the engineering seats by making Sattu sit in the exam for them.

why cheat india review

Screenplay and Dialogues

The idea of digging out the flaws of our education system even harder is brilliant, but the writer-director Soumik Sen fumbles somewhere to get it right. Just imagine yourself going to a thriller and someone tells you the name of the murder. The major secret is revealed in the first 10 minutes, thus the whole drama becomes monotonous from them.

Why Cheat India dialogues are weighty and infuse life to the whole drama as well as offer some refreshing gusts amid the dreary run.


One of the reasons may be, being influenced by the Bengali cinema, he thought that leaving many aspects of the story undescribed and taking the ‘let the audience imagine and deduce the conclusion’ chance proved fatal for the whole film. He forgot that the mainstream moviegoers expect from the director decoding everything for them.


For the actor like Emraan Hashmi such a role was not a challenge because this is what he has grown up doing. A crooked fellow with some ‘Usools’. However, he could even break the barrier and go a little more father, but overall a decent performance. And yes, there’s lip-lock as well. Snigdhadeep Chatterjee impresses and leaves a mark in whatever scope he got. Shreya Dhanwantari hardly has much to do, but makes her presence felt.


Although, Emraan Hashmi movies usually make a huge buzz for its music, but I don’t understand ‘Why’ Cheat India has not even a single track that I can hum while writing this. Another backdrop! ‘Daaru Wargi’, ‘Taiyaari’, and ‘Dil Mein Ho Tum’ are all banal.

Why Should You Watch?

Go for it, if you do not have anything better to kill your time. Do not expect any miracle, especially to change the education system of which many of you are a part of.

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