War Review: Despite Minor Flaws War Is A Phenomenal Action Blast

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

War Director: Sidharth Anand

War Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor and Ashutosh Rana

Right from the announcement and shoot, War caught all attentions and the day War Trailer was released the expectations simply multiplied for a couple of reasons; one, it was quite some time since Bollywood came up with a Hollywood-like thriller, and second none of the makers even gave it a thought to bring two big stars together. They must have considered it a herculean task, but it was always possible as Aditya Chopra and War director Sidharth Anand showed courage and somehow made it happen. However, how our War review will tell you how success they have been in their excursion.


Kabir (Hrithik), one of the spanking intelligence limb, has now turned up a traitor in view of some unknown reasons and started killing some top shots from Indian bureaucracy and other departments. Indian intelligence chief Colonel (Ashutosh Rana), who is now under pressure to find Kabir, appoints Khalid (Tiger) to curb Kabir knowing the fact that Khalid was one of Kabir’s best trainee and was even close to him. Khalid is unable to make out how a true officer like Kabir can turn a traitor. Finally, they face off and things take a leap. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Co-penned by Sridhar Raghavan and Sidharth Ananad, the duo has written a fast-paced script, which keeps you hooked through and through. As the drama unfolds, you find yourself completely engrossed and curses even the interval. The whole screenplay has been penned down a style alike Hollywood films and the whole drama unfolds hastily and that’s where the writer seems to be messed up with a cinematic liberty and reasoning.

The very moment you get to know that in an attempt to impress the audience, the reasoning has been compromised and in films like such the audience do measure it with their rational thoughts. For instance, how come a candidate (Khalid) with eye deficiency enters Indian intelligence and being sent out for various missions alone? Second, Kabir appears in front of Khalid and he leaves in a metro leaving Khalid out. Now, what is in-between them is only a door of glass. Now, the audience wonder why Khalid cannot shoot Kabir as it’s not a bullet-proof glass.

Third, ISIS goons captures Kabir and despite being well aware that he can be proved very dangerous, they leave him injured just like that. What a level of generosity ISIS agents have displayed for our hero. Although, the flaws can’t be overlooked and strikes your head time and again, but soon they find an exit when cleverly woven twists and turns overlay the drama.

The screenplay has been written in way that it shows you more rather than telling. Yet, a couple of dialogues really impress you. If they are not fresh, they are not routine either.

war reviewDirection

Sidharth Anandh, who has previously directed Salaam Namaste, Bachana Ae Haseeno, etc, received a major success through Hrithik starrer Bang Bang (2014) and found thriller his dream genre.  In War, he goes a little further by forming a larger than life podium for himself to play even more securely yet liberally. Had he taken care of the aforementioned flaws, his piece of work could have been sublime. Undoubtedly, it could have been added into one of the best action-thrillers of all time. Having said that, Sidharth mesmerizes the audience especially in executing the script and placing all sequences brilliantly in line. Audience go gaga over the jaw-dropping action moves. Especial mention a sequence where Tiger pulls off an entire action-scene of about more than a minute brilliantly in one shot. This will be one of the most talked-about action scenes in the time to come. Overall, Sidharth has helmed this 1 and 45 minutes ride well and with conviction if we overlook those flaws.


Hrithik not only looks dapper but delivers a remarkable performance yet again after his last Super 30.  He enters into kabir’s skin fabulously and gives even no clue to ponder upon the fact that he is not intelligence’s agent, but mere an actor. He is extremely flawless in dance that his jigs in Ghungroo and Shiv Shankar are simply a treat to watch. He dances as if a river flows.  Tiger, on the other hand, walks side by side his God (as what he calls Hrithik). His body and reflexes are comparatively more agile; therefore, he has an upper hand over Hrithik in that area. From acting point of view, he definitely shows sparks. Vaani Kapoor’s fans might get disappointed as she appears only to fill the glamour quotient and gets killed by the antagonist after a couple of scenes. Alas! She looks hot and does well in a brief role. Ashutosh Rana fits well as the Chief and maintains his class.


Although, War follows the footprints of Hollywood action-thrillers through and through; therefore, finds very hard to add up more tracks. Despite the fact, the already blockbuster Ghungroo and the dance number Shiv Shankar do not bother you much. They even flash as some relief amid the fast-paced screenplay. Music by Vishal-Shekhar is contemporary and worth enjoying. Background score by Sanchit-Ankit Balhara adds spice to the thrill.

Why Should You Watch?

In a nutshell, War is a must watch for those who love action-thrillers and a larger than life phenomena. It is a treat for Hrithik-Tiger lovers and the duo do not disappoint you at all.

Hope you find our War review helpful, please let us know in comments. 

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