Tumbbad Box Office Collections: The Film Witnesses A Decent Growth On the Weekend.

As we predicted, the glowing word of mouth and rich content are playing crucial for this mythological-horror. Therefore, the film witnessed an upward trend on the weekend. Although, had a poor Friday and collected only ₹65 Lakhs at the box office. But leaving many predictions false, Tumbbad picked up the pace on Saturday and earned ₹1.15 cr and ₹1.45 cr on Sunday making it to a total of ₹3.25.

tumbbad box office collections

Although, we still think that the film has a great potential and will definitely prove to be a fair deal for its producers, distributors and cinema owners. However, to emerge as a winner, it has to maintain the same pace even on weekdays.

Tumbbad Day 4 Collections: ₹ 70 lakh

Tumbbad is steady at the box office and collects marginally more than its opening day (Fri.). As it was a working day on Monday, a fall was predicted but the rich content this horror-mythology carries is enabling it to stay steady even on the weekdays. We expect a rise in the Tuesday collections of Tumbbad. The trade analyst Taran Adarsh has recently revealed its figures and based on that he called the film steady.



Tumbbad Day 1 Collections: ₹65 lakhs.

Tumbbad Day 2 Collections: ₹1.15 crore.

Tumbbad Day 3 Collections: ₹1.45 crore.

Tumbbad Day 4 Collections: ₹ 70 lakh


Tumbbad Day 5 Collections:

Tumbbad Day 6 Collections:

Tumbbad Day 7 Collections:

Tumbbad Day 8 Collections:

Tumbbad Day 9 Collections:

Tumbbad Day 10 Collections:

Total collections of Tumbbad:  ₹3.25 crore.

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