Total Dhamaal Review: This Adventure Comedy Slightly Misses Out To Strike the Right Cord

Rating: 3/5

Director Indra Kumar earned the enormous fame by helming the films like Beta, Dil, Masti, etc., and the comic element of these films contributed largely to their success. Later on, Dhamaal (2007) one of the craziest comedies made in India, established him as a very promising director, especially when it comes to dealing with the most difficult genre of film making-comedy. The second installment Double Dhamaal was also a hit at the box office and now he presents the third one with even more grandeur, scale, and rich star cast. But the question is whether he has been able to strike the right cord despite all ‘Masala’ or Total Dhamaal remains mere a mediocre endeavor of Indra Kumar? Let’s dig out!


The story of this adventure comedy revolves around three friends, Guddu (Ajay Devgan), Pintu (Manoj Pahwa) and Johny (Sanjay Mishra). The three makes a plan to get the demonetized notes into whites, but Pintu deceives Guddu and Johny and runs away with money. After some time they track Pintu but his plane crashes. He, while taking his last breath, reveals that he has hidden the money in the zoo of Janakpur, but by that time, Avinash (Anil), Bindu (Madhuri), Lallan (Riteish), Jhingur (Pitobash Tripathi), Aditya (Arshad Warsi) and Manav (Javed Jaffrey) also come to know the secret, and a mad race commences among all to find the money first by reaching to Ranakpur zoo. Ultimately, who finds it first forms the crux of the film.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Rather than sweating out to scribe a new plot, Indra Kumar has tweaked the story of the Dhamaal, brought some new faces on board and tempered it some comic punches. The fast-paced first half introduces many new characters while the latter half is over-stretched and flooded with shoddy computer graphics. However, what puts this comedy apart from the rest is its cleanliness without any double meaning notches. Unfortunately, Ajay Devgn’s character is poorly written; therefore, he doesn’t really get the flare. On the contrary, Sanjay Mishra strikes the right cord when it comes to timing.  Adi-Manav also bring the house down with their idiotic show.


Co-written by Indra Kumar, Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter, the dialogues of Total Dhamaal are situational and ignite humor at least at many instances. Special mention, the bickering couple (Anil-Madhuri) that is set to get divorced. This magical pairing with their comical Gujrati-Marathi accents offer the most laughter.


Director Indra kumar has taken the third installment of the franchise totally on a new and grand level. You witness a train ramming into cars, bridges collapsing, a gorilla and a tiger joining the gang, and what not. However, his direction would have been applaudable, if the script had some more spark. Even the editing could have been tighter as a couple of scenes are unnecessarily stretched which further test the patience of the audience.


Ajay Devgn could have been incredible as a cunning and sharp-minded fellow, but his baggy characterization snatches this opportunity from an ace actor. Contrariwise, the Paan-chewing Riteish as ruffian Lallan portrays his greed with élan. His scenes with Johny Lever give the most laughter. Anil and Madhuri are exceptional. Rest of the star cast hardly get much scope but lends a decent support.


Remix by Kunwar Juneja ‘Paisa Ye Paisa’ is the USP of this film. However, ‘Speaker Fat Jaye’ and Mungda featured on Sonakshi Sinha are also foot-tapping.

Why Should I Watch?

Book the tickets if you have not seen a film with your parents or family since long because it has really been long since a clean comedy has hit the theaters.

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