This Is How 2.0 Dishes Out All Its Cost Even Before Its Release

The much-anticipated film of the year 2.0 hit theaters on November 29, 2018, and as we all know Shankar has spent lavishly to bring out his vision on the silver screen with grandeur. The cost of this cinematic marvel is a whopping ₹ 543 cr, which is itself a record. Be it Bollywood, Tollywood none of the Industry has ever dared to spend such a huge sum on a film the way Shankar has done. Although, the film is doing exceptionally well at the box office and the first two days collections of the film are phenomenal.

In addition, the good news is that about 80% of its cost has been dished out as of now even before its release and rest will come from its release. It has recovered ₹ 490 cr from various sources. You all must be wondering how does any film can get its production cost so easily, so here we reveal.

Satellite Rights (All versions)



120 Cr.
Digital Rights (All versions)


60 Cr.
North Belt Rights 80 Cr.
Andhra/Telangana Rights 70 Cr.
Karnataka Rights 25 Cr.
Kerala Rights 15 Cr.
Pre-Booking (Tamil) 120 Cr.
Total 490 Cr.

The interesting part is that the information about its Overseas Rights and Music Rights is yet to report and that will also add to its revenue big time.

A Special Film from All Perspective

The best part of the film is its VFX work, which is created with the help of 24 VFX studious from across the globe and about 3000 technicians and 1000 VFX artist have been involved to bring out the vision of Shankar beautifully on the silver screen. 2.0 is the first Indian film, which has been shot with 3D cameras while the 4D technique has been used to create its music. It’s notable that it took A. R. Rahman 150 days to compose its background score.




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