These The Nun Memes Will Surely Bring A Smile On Your Face

The Hollywood horror film the Nun was released last month in India and it not only minted money at the box office but also stimulated some creative minds to come up with some exceptional stuff, which further swept the Internet. Yes, we are talking here about some sidesplitting memes inspired by The Nun.


Har fikr ko dhuyein me udaati….The Nun!


the nun memes

Mitronnnnnnnnnnnnnn…Acchi Nun…..Aayegi!

the nun memes

Nana Patekar In & As The NUN-A

the nun memes

Does it require any caption?

the nun memes

No wonder if you see this picture adorning the cover of a menu in a restaurant. 

the nun memes

Mein Chota sa…nanha sa…pyara sa……Nun-Du

memes on the nun movieDaisy Shah got no chill!….Of course it’s Nun of our business. 

memes on the nun movieJethalal….The Nun-sense. 

memes on the nun movie

Sad Reacts for Messi 

memes on the nun movieStop scrolling down…It’s over yaar…But I promise to get back with some more hilarious memes to make you burst in laughter once again. Till then singing off!! 


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