The Way B-Town Celebrated the Independence Day Shows their Fervor for the Occassion

When the whole country is smeared in the color of patriotism, how can Bollywood celebrities fall behind? They not only celebrated the occasion with full fervor but also inspired other celebrities to show their love for the country, and why not? The nation, which is showering the love in abundance, expects at least some payback. Here are the glimpses of their sheer nationalism.

Ranveer Singh takes a break from the shoot and fluters the tricolor and spends some time with children at a school. He ran

how ranveer singh celebrated independence day

The kids seem to have an amazing and the best ever Independence Day with the Rowdy Ranveer who surprised them by making a random visit to their school on the occasion.

Ranveer Singh on independence day

It is notable that Ranveer is shooting for Simmba, which is set to release on 28th December.  Here’s what you all need to know about his upcoming Simmba.

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