The Accidental Prime Minister Box Office Collection Day 3: Overall A Decent Weekend for TAPM

After taking an average start at the box office on Friday the following days have also been ordinary for the film as nothing exceptional happened for the film despite the Sunday holiday. The way this film was riding on the hype, especially after its trailer launch, The Accidental Prime Minister box office collection day 3 were not very exciting and the film ended up earning about ₹ 12 cr in three days with Sunday collection being about ₹ 4 cr.

the accidental prime minister box office collection day 3

It’s notable that the film received not so pleasing reviews from all aisles; therefore, the immense hype its trailer created could not convert into numbers.

Earlier the film took an average start and earned ₹ 4.50 cr on its opening day following by the ₹ 4 cr on Saturday.

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