Super 30 Review: Hrithik Nails As Anand In This Inspiring Tale of Dreams and Greed

Right with the super 30 trailer release, netizens went on criticizing Hrithik Roshan’s ‘poor look’ and his awful Bihari accent. Moreover, he was ridiculed for playing such a character to which he hardly resonates. Well amid all commotion, the much-anticipated Super 30 has hit cinemas and her we dissect how Hrithik, who is appearing on the silver screen after a long gap of two years, addresses the entire banter being circulated around. Let’s dig out in our Super 30 review.


Anand Kumar (Hrithik) is a sagacious mathematician who’s even being invited to study at the Cambridge University, but his poverty poses the obstacle and holds him back. Life presents some tough moments before Anand and after the death of his father he is now forced to sell ‘Papads’ made by his mother. One day, he comes across Lallan Singh (Aditya Srivastava) who runs an IIT coaching center for the education minister (Pankaj Tripathi). Lallan makes Anand an offer can’t refuse. However, he soon realizes his talent has been exploited only for those who could afford the classes and to pocket the most profit by the owners while his aim was to benefit the poor students also.

He then quits Lallan’s classes and introduces his own Super 30 program in which he starts coaching 30 poor students for IIT entrance. Consequently, he faces a great threat from Lallan and the minister. What happens next? Do the corrupts succeed in overpowering Anand or Anand keep on pursuing his dream? All that forms the crux of the film.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Being a biopic of living personality, Super 30 was never a cake walk to write, but Sanjiv Dutta pens down it astutely and adds all the elements that appear seamless on the screen. The first half is gripping to the core and as the plot is fast-paced featuring a series of ups and downs of the Anand. Although, the screenplay deeps in the second half and feature some moments that find no relevance to the serious plot, but the climax, which moves you emotionally, reimburses all that shoddy moments.


Sanjiv Dutta does a fair job here too and pens down clap worthy punch lines in both halves. The dialogues are apt, inspiring, and weighty.


After the debacle of Shaandaar, Vikas Bahl’s direction is once again sparkling and emerges as influential as he was in Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen. Be it emotional scenes, light moments, action, Vikas impresses with his deft and gives the whole drama an edge. A special mention is the climax, which leaves the audience in tears.

hrithik roshan in super 30


It’s true Hrithik is slightly miss-cast in the film. Any from the young brigade; Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkumar Rao, Vicky Kushal, etc, could have done a little more justice in terms of looks. However, you get used to the intentionally embrowned Hrithik and his weird accent after 15 minutes. He not only does justice with his character but also leaves an influence on the audience as you leave the theatre. Aaditya Srivasta does a reasonably fine job. Pankaj Tripathi once again emerges with perfection despite being in a tiny role. Mrunal Thakur as Anand’s girlfriend looks pretty and does a fine job in front of the lens. Amit Sadh and Nandish Sandhu have their moments too.


Bollywood filmmakers, these days, are hardly bothered about this focal segment of a film. Super 30 also disappoints despite featuring a love-angle as well. Eventually, no song is a blockbuster. They appear and vanish in an unwary fashion.

Why Should You Watch?

Super 30 is not about corruption in education and a man’s fight against the mafia but highlights Anand’s dream chase and a selfless motif to accomplish the necessitous’ dreams.

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