Sui Dhaaga Review: This Varun-Anushka Starrer Has Much More to Offer Than Mere Portraying A Rustic Inspiring Journey


Despite his failure to fulfill his cantankerous father’s (Raghuvir Yadav) demands, unable to raise his impoverished life, or his sedentary relationship with his wife Mamta ( Anushka), Mauji (Varun), lives the mantra ‘ Sab Badiya Hai’. This asthore attitude of Mauji gets a shake when he is asked to perform a doggy in a wedding by his master and observes Mamta’s pain to deal with this insult.

She asks him to do something substantial rather than being humiliated by everyone around and reminds him of his skill in which he has a dab hand, yes sewing and tailoring. However, the alternative is tough to embrace as it is attached with a bust of a flourished handicraft business (and so is the fortune of his family) used to be run by his grandfather. However, the couple sets out for this zigzag journey and strives to change their fortune.

sui dhaaga review

Screenplay and Dialogue

Written by Sharat Katariya, Sui Dhaaga delivers a feel-good length of 2 hours and 16 minutes. Although, the film does have floppy moments, but then some challenge roped in the plot brings you back in the ninety-degree stance. Being smeared with a rustic backdrop, the dialogues too are pretty apt and keep you engaged throughout the film. Whether it is the conversation between Mauji and his cantankerous father or Mamta’s attempt to persuade Mauji-everything keeps you stick to your seat.

review of sui dhaaga


Sharat Katariya, who is also the writer of Sui Dhaaga, has captained this family drama and a couple’s journey from rags to riches with a sheer brilliance. Saving him for the lapses in the script, Sharat covers all of them in the narrative. On one hand, you find Mauji’s demeanors humorous as well as you actually experience the pain of Mamta when she sees him as a puppet. In addition, you get along with the couple’s awry journey and make their triumph a common cause.

sui dhaga movie review


Varun lives Mauji’s ‘Sab Badiya’ attitude, his obedience, humiliation, and the resolution remarkably. Anushka portrays the pastoral ‘Bahu’ with competence. She slips into Mamta with so fineness that you applaud her whenever she appears on the screen whether the way she sits, cries, smiles or persuades Mauji with an utter innocence on her face. Raghuvir Singh also amazes you whenever he flashes on the screen.


Melodied by Anu Malik and Andrea Guerra, the songs of Sui Dhaaga dissolve honey into your ears, especially the songs like ‘Chaav Laaga’ and ‘Sui Dhaaga’ title song….‘Sab Badiya Hai’ (all are melodious).

Why Should I Watch?

You would love this if you like a family drama. Entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs must book a ticket to watch this inspiring journey of a couple. There many lessons awaiting you.






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