Shocking! Ajay Devgn Shared Kajol’s WhatsApp Number on Tweeter

Leaving everyone in a sheer shock, Ajay Devgn tweeted his wife Kajol’s WhatsApp number through his personal account. Is it an accident or his Tweeter account is at some security threat?

We all use social media and we share many moments a lot on the various platform but when it comes to privacy, we really have to pay a heed to safety and use such platforms wisely. A casual move can put you and your family in a hell lot of trouble, especially when you are a celebrity.

ajay devgn shares kajol's number

This is what happened with Ajay Devgn when he shockingly mentioned Kajo’s WhatsApp number in a reply to a tweet. Now, we are wondering whether things go wrong accidentally or his Tweeter account has been compromised. The third angle to this scenario says it might be a publicity stunt as Kajol’s upcoming film Helicopter Eela is slated for release on 12 October.

His tweet read, “Kajol not in country…co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp number…” This not only left us in sheer shock but also made us ponder over how could this happen? Just imagine if this is true… how Kajol would be handling this as she must be getting end number of messages and video calls on her number.

Check out his tweet


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