Shah Rukh Khan Next Movie Will Be with Rajkumar Hirani

Finally, the Christmas 2019 has brought a good news for the fans of Bollywood Badshah . Yes, it has been almost final that Shah Rukh Khan next movie will be with Rajkumar Hirani. The formal announcement will be made once the shoot commences. This yet untitled will be released in the end of 2021. It’s notable that Shah Rukh Khan’s last film was Anand L Rai directed Zero that fell flat at the box office. Since then, SRK has been hunting for a good scrip that can help him revive his career.

Various Speculations

Earlier, various speculations about the next film of Shah Rukh Khan were making rounds. He first opted out Rakesh Sharma biopic and then news came of his appearance in Don 3. Later, his name emerged as the collaborator with South film director Atlee. However, he nodded for none of the aforementioned ventures. However, he was keen to work with Raju Hirani for many reasons. Besides, everyone were desperate to know Rajkumar Hirani next movie.  Constant meetings between these two even consolidated these speculations. The film might again be a romantic drama, which has been SRK’s alley.

Shah Rukh Khan next movie

Rajkumar Hirni’s Upcoming Projects

As far as Rajkumar Hirani’s next movie is concerned, recently, a news floats that Raju is working on the Biopic of a Legendary cricketer and a top studio (Fox Star Studios) has approached the PK director to helm this life story. Besides, his close friend and the co-writer of his last a couple of films, Abhijat Joshi has also penned down a script of Cricket. The speculations of a web series in which Hirani is involved also made rounds some time ago. After Sanju, Rajkumar Hirani’s caught attention last year for MeeToo charges also. 

New Twist In the Tale

Now, the news of Shah Rukh’s film has brought a new twist to the tale and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that what would be the next move of these two.  All and all, it would be very interesting to know which out of these three goes on the floor first.


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