Section 375 Review: A Bold Statement Leaving You Perplexed with Its Climax

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Remember B.A. Pass, a very bold and thought-provoking film released in 2013. Now, the same director Ajay Bahl comes up with yet another burning affair to point out. He discusses the Section 371 of the Indian Penal Court. Moreover, he also highlights the MeToo issue, which took Bollywood by storm. Check out our Section 375 review and know how this tale may change the course of the Indian cinema from here.


An eminent director of Bollywood Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhatt) is accused of rape by her junior costume designer Anjali Damley (Meera Chopra). FIR is filed and the victim knocks the door of Session Court to seek justice. Rohan is sentenced for 10 years in the light of proofs. Rohan’s wife Kainaz (Shree Swara) challenges the Session Court verdict in the High Court and hires Tarun Saluja (Akshaye Khanna), one of the most distinguished criminal lawyers. Hiral Gandhi (Richa Chadda) joins the drama as a public prosecutor and a war of words between Tarun and Hhiral sets off. Who is convicted in the end and who wins the case forms the crux of the film?

section 375 review

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Ajay Bahl, the story of Section 375 is undoubtedly novel and the well-written screenplay backs it sturdily. The intelligently crafted screenplay keeps you on the edge of the seat and keeps you curious about what lies in the next scene and which side the drama will crouch.

Section 375 dialogues are bold and surprise you with their sharpness. They pierce through your concise and question you in every scene.


Ajay Bahl yet again picks up a bold topic, puts it wisely on paper, and engraves on the screen fabulously. Being the only second time director, his narration is flawless which proves that Ajay knows his craft. The way he carries out this bold tale with a great deal of conviction in what he is making. A large part of the film is covered in a courtroom and that’s most engrossing sequence, which not only entertains you thoroughly but also raises some burning questions. The climax leaves you perplexed and the twist Ajay Bahl gives to the story is commendable.


A fine screenplay gets an exalted boost when the characters come up with their best. Akshaye Khanna, one of the actors in Bollywood who has been underrated for years, but as they say, ‘dark clouds overshadow the sun for some moments only and when clouds passes by, the sun appears even more prominently. He proves his mettle once again and his gestures, body language, and expression automatically describe the character he plays. Richa Chadda, another deft actor, has come a long way from the narrow streets of the industry and now all set to accelerate on the broadway. Rahul Bhatt’s expressions are apt as the story unfolds. There times when you doubt him while there are moments when looks totally innocent. Meera Chopra plays the rape victim with sheer conviction. Her bold statements, facial expression, body language impress leave a mark on the audience mind.


Section 375 has no songs as such and you really do not feel the need at all. Ajay Bahl simply added a spanking background score, which simply boosts the entire cinematic effect.

Why Should You Watch?

We always highlight the inferiority of some masala film makers and condemn their work, but when such content rich films are released they face a drought of audience. They must be appreciated widely.

All and all in our Section 375 review; we give extra half star to Ajay Bahl for selecting such a brave subject and carrying it out substantially.

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