Pihu Review: An Astonishing Tale of A 2-Year-Old Girl Who Leaves You Awe-Struck In Every Frame

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We hardly witness experimental films in Bollywood and why would one make when the whole affair is so costly. However, there are some enthusiasts who love taking the risk and Vinod Kapri is one of them who has come up with Pihu, a hugely challenging affair to execute, especially when it comes putting a 2 years old child to act. How does he do that? Will he get it right or ends up creating a mess? Let’s find out.


The film begins with a brawl between a couple on the eve of Pihu’s (Myra Vishwakarma) birthday. The mother of Pihu poisons herself when her husband leaves for Kolkata. Pihu wakes up the next morning without any clue that her mother is no more. The little girl talks to her and starts roaming around when she fails to get any reply. And that’s when the film takes a scary turn, which steals your heart through the mouth.

pihu review

Screenplay and Dialogues

Just imagine a two-year-old kid who is home alone but hungry and boils down the ocean to reach the milk vessel and a piece of pastry. She enters the kitchen and reaches out to the gas burner to bake a ‘Roti’ and leaves the burner ablaze. Moreover, she locks herself in the refrigerator. The whole film is a chain of such incidents, which leave you awe-struck. Although the length of the film is only 100 minutes but it is enough to terrify you, gives you jaw-dropping moments and much more unexpected.

Dialogues-This is a film much more of the adventures of a solitary kid and since only one character Pihu is featured largely in the film, you will observe her talking around like your own kids do.


Amazing! Vinod Kapri has nailed it. We must salute the courage this man has shown to visualize such story and executed it with a plenty of conviction. Making a two and a half-year-old girl to act must have been tough for him but you do not really realize while watching it because everything looks so real and candid.


Well, let us inform you that Pihu played by Myra was not acting in the film because it will be the eight wonder if a kid can act at this age. Everything you witness are the real activities captured in various lenses placed around her.


The background score of the film could have been better, especially when Pihu runs around and gets engaged in some horrifying affairs. Had the director taken a serious note of this, the impact of these scenes would have been much more lasting.

Why Should You Watch?

Such stories hardly surface the Indian cinema. They are usually shelved keeping their zero business value in mind and filmmaking is ultimately a business. Watch it to confront some real truths of life, get some parenthood lessons out of it, for the adorable Pihu, and last but not the least Vinod Kapri’s courage to tell it.


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