MeeToo: Raju Hirani Is Accused of Sexual Harassment By His Assistant

The MeeToo chapter has entered 2019 with a bang and the first prey of accusations is the most successful director of the current era in Bollywood Rajkumar Hirani. His assistant who assisted him during Sanju accused Hirani who consistently harassed her for months.

The assistant reportedly complained this to the producer Vidu Vinod Chopra, his wife Anjum Chopra, and a couple of more through a mail, but no action was taken from their end.

rajkumar hirani meetoo

She said, Hirani’s actions were physically and mentally traumatizing but she kept quite as she never wanted to lose the job and the fear of no getting work anywhere else due the fact that no body would listen to her. Moreover, he ailed father and his treatment was also one of the reasons she never opposed Hirani.

The eminent writer-director Rajkumar Hirani and this lawyer, although, have denied the allegations tagging them as baseless.

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