Marjaavaan Review: Milap Zaveri’s Revenge Drama Is A One-Time-Watch

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

After writing a dozen films, Milap Jhaveri made his directorial debut with ‘Jaane Kahan Se Aayee Hain’. Deviated a little, it was John Abraham, who trusted him and helped him kick off a new innings with ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Milap tests the 80’s tried and trusted formula, which includes superhit music, top notch dialogues and unmatched performances in Marjaavaan also with the aim to allure the audience. How far he gets the success, let’s dissect in this Marjaavan review.


Raghu (Sidharth) is the biggest aid of the water mafia chief Narayan Anna (Nasser), but his son Vishnu (Riteish) envies the proximity between the two. The jealousy gets even more intense when Vishnu comes to know that Raghu loves Zoya (Tara) who is a mute girl. Raghu has one more girl in his life Aarzoo (Rakul)  who is a nuatch. Vishnu wants to snatch away all the little joy Raghu has in his life and that ambition leads to the death of Zoya, and then commences a revenge drama.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Marjaavaaan screenplay writer Milap Zaveri find his inspiration from the films of 80s and presents this films smeared with new flavors. Although, the screenplay is engaging yet it lacks novelty, therefore, it may make the single screen cinema goers whistle and shout, but the multiplex classes will not be able to connect to this. In addition, he whole story looks very thin and lacks subplots.

Marjaavaaan dialogues are undoubtedly hit the bulls eye because they have been penned down considering the flavor of the film, and therefore they are suitable.

marjaavaan review


Marjaavaaan director Milap Zaveri has been able to helm it well despite having an obsolete script. First he turned a thin line story into an engaging screenplay and then his presentation makes it watchable. Action-sequences are really laudable and the twists have also been added deftly.


Sidharth as Raghu shines as goon and a tender lover. He has been able to convey all his emotions brilliantly. His well-built physique is a plus for him and manifests all his ventures. Riteish once again steals the show with his unique presence and arouses hate in the hearts in the audience. Tara as Zoya looked pretty and does a fairly good job as a mute damsel. Rakul Preet Singh lends fine support in a special appearance and looks hot.


Tumhi Aana is melodious and will be in the heart for long. Pyar do Pyar Lo is a hit track and surely makes you tap your foot. It has been shot very well.

Why Should You Watch?

All and all, Marjaavaan is a one-time-watch with some nice punches and one-liners, performances, and some foot-tapping tracks.



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