LoveYatri Review: A Routine Love Affair In the Quest of Some Lighthearted Moments

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You reach a theater in the quest of some entertainment and despite all odds portrayed on the screen you tolerate everything, but what if the hero of the film appears post interval and tells whatever has happened is wrong and let’s start afresh. You will freak out your mind…right? This is what happens in SKF’s LoveYatri.


Set largely in the backdrop of Vadodara Gujrat, LoveYatri is a story of Sushrut aka Susu (Ayush Sharma), a ‘garba’’ teacher, falls for an NRI Gujarati Michelle aka Manisha (Warina Hussain) over a few ‘dandiya’ numbers. What happens next is worthless to tell because LoveYatri doesn’t have anything fresh we should elaborate here.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Niren Bhatt, LoveYati is a feeble attempt, which does not rise beyond average. A love story should have three key elements: intense love, connection with lovers, and you must at least feel a little pain when they separate. But alas! None of the above happens with LoveYatri.

loveratri review

Sometime dialogues in a film, especially in a love story establish a connection between the audience and the lovebirds, but the dialogue writer failed to ignite that spark.


After serving as an assistant director for Gunday (2014), Fan (2016), and Sultan (2016), Abhiraj Minawala thought of opening his own shop courtesy ‘Bhaijaan’, but he forgot no business can work if it lacks novelty. His narrative also does not impress at all.


To be honest, Ayush and Warina look good but they really do not emerge from an average cast. Ronit Roy in a brief presence lends good support. The brother duo, Arbaz, and Sohail bring some hilarious moments but that too could not save this tedious trip.

loveyatri review


The music of the film is undoubtedly melodious, especially the ‘Chogada’ song, which has the potential to make you groove to its beat even in the theatre. LoveYatri songs like ‘Akh Lad Jaave’, ‘Tera Hua’, ‘Rangtaari’, ‘Dholida’ all are adorned with melodious tunes.

Why Should I Watch?

We seriously don’t find any reason to recommend this tedious journey of the clueless debutants.


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Watch the Trailer of LoveYatri Now!


LoveYatri Cast: Ayush Sharma, Warina Hussain, Ronit Roy

Director of LoveYatri: Abhiraj Minawala

Producer of LoveYatri: SKF Films

LoveYatri Songs: Chogada, Tera Hua, Akh Lad Jave, Rangtaari

Release Date of LoveYatri: 5 Oct 2018

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