Kabir Singh Review: A Swashbuckling Tale Fueled By Shahid’s Deft and Vanga’s Dodgy Pilotage

When you recall Bollywood psycho-romantic films only Darr and Tere Naam surface on your remembrance largely. So, it’s clear that how desperate the audience was to embrace a love saga full of madness and raw in treatment. And Sandeep Reddy Vanga perceived this hunger of the masses; therefore, first he experimented this in Telugu cinema where it was applauded massively and from there the seed was sown to give it a nationwide release. Kabir Singh teaser ignited the expectation and its trailer simply multiplied them. It’s a fact, audience awaited none of Shahid Kapoor’s solo film till date the way Kabir Singh had been anticipated, not even when he was at the peak of his career. So, let’s dig out in this Kabir Singh review whether this ‘A’ certified film really meets the humungous expectations or simply ends in smoke?


The virile and violent yet a competent surgeon who has carried out 300 successful surgeries in a year, Kabir Singh (Shahid) falls head over heels with Preeti (Kiara), a quite junior fellow to him. Preeti also responds to Kabir’s advances and the crazy love story unfolds, but soon proceeds to an end when Preeti’s father sets her marriage somewhere else. The news, obviously, engulfs Kabir with rage, he attempts to overpower the situation, but fails. Eventually, he drowns himself into a toxic ocean and this also leads the drama to climax where you find the answer to the questions tickling you every now and then.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Sandeep Singh Vanga, the screenplay of Kabir Singh serves you with a raw character, his ‘unethical’ conduct, and the will of self-decaying. All such incidents have not only been penned well but also drawn too brilliantly well on the celluloid. The first half shocks and shakes you while the later might test your patient a little because it’s repetitive and slow at times as well as monotonous.

However, the writer realizes his flaw and gets the grip over the craft once again; therefore, the pre-climax and climax of Kabir Singh give you the moments that cherish your soul and you leave for home fully entertained. Just the length of the film could have been trimmed by 20-25 minutes.

Dialogues by Sidharth-Garima are unconventional because they are not typically Bollywood rather they are colloquial; thus, the freshness drenches you in every scene. Full credit to the duo.


Kabir Singh director Sandeep Reddy Vanga paints this raw and psycho love tale on the silver screen with a lot of conviction and that resonates into the audience. What needs to highlight here is his grip over the craft and the way he has put forth this unkempt love saga keeping you engaged throughout the film except a few moments. In addition, he has brilliantly made his stars dish out their best.


Vanga’s job becomes way easy as he signed Shahid who has already proved his mettle in the films like Kaminey, Haider, and Padmavat.  Kiara as Preeti not only looks beautiful but also proves that she was the right choice because the innocence she brings in her character is simply outstanding. Kiara surely deserved a little more screen share but she has done a reasonably good job. In the character roles, Soham Majumdar as Shiva is the one who emerges as the major surprise and with the sheer subtlety he portrays Kabir Singh’s friend.


‘Bekhayali’ has already become the love anthem of the year. Such a craze for a romantic song like this is really pleasing. Besides, Tujhe Kitna, Tera Ban Jaunga, Yeh Aaina, etc. do go with the mood of the film yet leave their mark.

Why Should You Watch?

Don’t miss it well-written and executed flick, which is going to be the highest grosser not only of the 2019 but in the last four-five years.

Hope you liked our Kabir Singh reivew, please let us know what you liked or disliked about our review. 

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