Junglee Review: Only Vidyut Jamwal’s Action Inspires Awe In this Average Safari to the Wild

Until now, a number of attempts have been made by Bollywood to go into the wild and explore the wild life with a storyline woven around it. Some of them proved to be heart-melting  while the rest just passed by insignificantly. Let’s dig out whether the new edition in the trail, Junglee, has been able to serve you anything novel or it also ends up as mere a safari after 1 and 56 minutes.


Dr. Raj Nair, a veterinary doctor from Mumbai, returns to the elephant reserve managed by his father. However, he starts sensing an imminent threat to both the wildlife as well as the ecosystem soon. Obviously, it’s a conspiracy of rogues, mafia, gangs and cruel hunter Keshav (Atul Kulkarni) who is leading a poaching racket. Raj commences the rescue mission along with his forest ranger pal Dev (Akshay) and the mahout Shankara (Pooja).

junglee review

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by four writers; Rohan Sippy, Ritesh Shah, Charudutt Acharya and Suman Adhikary, the plot of the film is so routine that it fails to establish a connection between the audience and the drama going on in front of them. The element of thrill as well as the emotional quotient of the entire screenplay is lacking and your sympathy hardly goes for anyone. Even, your heart doesn’t move when Bhola, Raj’s elephant friend, is massacred.         

Dialogues by Suman Adhikary also fail to make a significant mark in the mediocre script and remain just average.


A revered name in the West, Chuck Russel could not cast that magic in the Bollywood setup this time. He has completely failed to uplift the average script. Sometimes the narrative style makes a lot of difference and creates an interesting drama even out of a loosely penned script.

Full marks to Mark Irwin, the cinematographer, who has captured the entire landscape where it has been shot inconceivably.


Vidyut Jamwal portrays Raj very convincingly. His is the only one who pours the hearts with some emotions and adds some value to the entire set up. He has put his sweat and blood to shoot his action scenes and that is clearly visible. Atul Kulkarni, as an antagonist, is brilliant. Pooja looks pretty while Akshay has done fairly well in his limited role.

review of junglee


Special mention, Vidyut Jamwal’s action is the only awe-inspiring thing in this routine safari to jungle and the credit goes to the entire action director’s team as well as Vidyut who has not only contributed in directing the sequences but also executed them with a lot of prowess.


Another backdrop of the film. Had it featured a couple of melodious track, the entire drama would have  drawn some interest.

Why Should I Watch?

Being pissed off with the unrealistic action scenes filmed these days, Junglee offers you an authentic dose of action.

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