India’s Most Wanted Review: The Lacklustre Screenplay Dunks A Fairly Significant Subject

Ratings:   ⭐️⭐️ ½

Bollywood has always cashed on the patriotic fervor through varied tales. Sometimes, such films win hearts but there are times when they end up finding the audience. This week’s release India’s Most Wanted trailer, although, pulled some attention and the speculations started making rounds in the industry that this film may prove to be a launchpad for the dwindling career of Arjun Kapoor because this time he is backed with a good and successful director Rajkumar Gupta who proved his mettle with the films like Raid, No One Killed Jessica, Aamir, etc. However, does this combo really make its mark? Let’s dig out in this India’s Most Wanted review!


Prabhat (Arjun), an Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer, gets the clue of an India’s most wanted and dreaded terrorist Yasin Bhatkal aka Yusuf (Sudev Nair) who is responsible for may bomb attacks in India. He teams up with some like-minded folks to nab Yusuf, but gets no green signal from the Bureau. However, one of his seniors (Rajesh Sharma), being aware of Prabhat’s past track record, gives him an unofficial approval for the mission, which leads the team to Nepal. Do they succeed in their excursion? This forms the crux of the thriller.  

Screenplay and Dialogues

Writer Rajkumar Gupta has, though, tapped on the right subject, but fails to execute it first on paper and then on the screen. He should have penned down some significant moments to establish the terror of Yusuf to justify why he is India’s most wanted terrorist. Shockingly, he gets mere five minutes in the entire film. Besides, the writer tries a foolish attempt to establish the film about a secret mission. Arey! That’s why we hit the theatres.  

Be it Raazi, Parmanu, Uri-The Surgical Strike, all these patriotic films carry clap worthy dialogues, but the audience keeps on waiting for such dialogues in this tale.


Such thrillers need a fast-pace projection, which ignites the interest of the audience and keeps them hooked at their seat, but India’s Most Wanted barely features such moments. After making the 100 cr film like Raid last year, everyone pinned hopes on Raj Kumar Gupta, but he not only disappoints as a writer but also as a director. His lacklustre narrative style and loose hold on the drama dunk a greatly potential subject.


Once Dilip Kumar truely stated, “No actor can rise above the script”, but don’t worry Arjun Kapoor has not even tried doing that here. Though, there was a huge scope to leave a massive mark, but he misses out this completely. Yes, Rajesh Sharma emerges victorious in spite of playing a small but fairly crucial role. Rest of the cast hardly gets much scope to show their prowess, but lends a decent support overall.


Neither the tunes of Amit Trivedi nor the lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya ignite the feeling of patriotism. The background score also does not rise above the average mark.

Why Should You Watch?

Chilling out at a water park and beating the scorching heat would be a much better action plan this weekend rather than heading to this halfheartedly made thriller.

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