How Satyamev Jayate Sustained the BO Collections Despite Getting A Sturdy Competition from Gold?

John Abraham starrer Satyamev Jayate had not only a massive start on its release day (15 August) but also fared two weekdays consistently and ended up booking a profitable weekend despite sharing the release day with Gold, which was already considered a blockbuster due to its ranked star cast and mega-budget, and considerable music, and it proved true after its release. Its apt performances and above all a taut story and screenplay did the rest for the film.On the other hand, what unique does Satyamev Jayate carry which is keeping it neck and neck with Gold? How come Satyamev Jayate box office collections surprised everyone including trade pandits. Let’s dissect.

gold and satyamev jayate box office collectionsStory

Let me make it very clear even in the beginning that Satyamev Jayate has nothing novel as far as its story is concerned. The film has a very routine story, in fact, an obsolete one and quite the same as made in the 80s and 90s.

However, the director Milap Zaveri molded this routine story into a crisp one while working on the screenplay of the film. Quirky twists and turns, dramatic sequences, and crisp editing turned the film into an engrossing affair.

satyamev jayate box office collections

Dialogues and Action

In every respect, Satyamev Jayate is an absolute ‘masala’ film and such films have some extraordinary punch lines and breathtaking action sequence then no one can stop them ruling the box office, and fortunately, Satymev Jayate served both. Heavy dialogues like “56 inch ka seena”, “tokney nahi thokney”, or “…….” Impresses the audience deeply and they can’t just stop their hands to clap and whistle.

review of satyamev jayate

The action sequences are brilliantly picturized in the film and John undoubtedly carries them remarkably well throughout the film. Flaunting a well-built physique once again, John makes the action scenes of the film its USP.


Some years ago, every second film used to have an item number featuring a sumptuous chick grooving on to a dance number. Today, we see the same scenario but with a little shift. The film-makers picked up an already hit track and presented it with a new flavor. Dilbar, one of the chartbusters of the 90s, is re-created on Nora Fatehi who sets the hearts racing with her sensuous moves and the beats compel the audience to tap their feet.

box office collections of satyamev jayate

You can imagine the height of its popularity that the song crossed 20 million views on YouTube in a mere 24 hours, which is commendable and enough to raise the curiosity for an upcoming film. By now, the Dilbar song has crossed over 350 million views on YouTube.


In the role of a serial killer, John never looks overboard, and thus the audience sets up a connection with his character right from the start. Manoj Bajpayee not only increases the star value of the film but also adorns it with his edgy performance. Aisha Sharma looks good and lends good support.

satyamev jayate review

Muslim Sentiments

Many of the scenes kept in the film seem to relive the Muslim sentiments. Whether a mother offering namaaz in a police station, or a Muslim girl shouting “Kill this bastard bhaijaan”, or John taking a part into a Muharram, etc. all sequence are placed exceptionally and they do get the payback.


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