Housefull 4 Review: This Mad Comedy Is Simply Insane with No Space for Logic

Housefull franchise means mad comedy where stupidity prevails all over and logic finds it difficult to survive in the phenomena. But whatsoever it is, the audience go gaga whenever the makers come up with a new edition and that’s the only reason why this franchise has come such a long way. Housefull 4 also continues the legacy and does not promise anything else other than mindless laughter. Let’s dissect in this Housefull 4 review whether it’s worth the towering expectations, time, and money or you can skip it without regret.


One fine day, Harry (Akshay) recollects his past birth in which he was Bala, a prince of a royal territory, who loves the princess of Sitamgadh Madhu (Kriti). Harry also sees his present time friends Roy (Reitesh) and Max (Bobby) as Bangdu Maharaj and Dharamputra. They both also love princess Mala and Meera respectively. After some romantic moments, things take an unpleasant turn for these three and they find themselves into a web of troubles including the fact that the girl they are going to marry has been his friends beloved in the previous birth.

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Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by a number of folks including Sara Bodinar and Sajid Nadiadwala, though the story of reincarnation is indigestible yet it gives you some jolts of laughter at regular intervals. Overall, the screenplay of Housefull 4 is a blend of a few hilarious punches as well as some humdrum moments where the audience feel like asking WHY this torture.

Written by Sara Bondinar and Tasha Bhambra, some of Housefull 4 dialogues are really punchy and brings out the humor efficaciously.


Despite the removal of Sajid Khan in the wake of Mee Too allegations, the entire film carries ‘The Sajid Effect’ because you never realizes that this film is different by any means as far as its core element is concerned. Iit’s said that Sajid did it’s 60 percent shoot and then Farhad Samji, the writer turned director, came on board. To some extent, Housefull 4 is also feeble as his directorial debut Entertainment was. Had he got a solid script, things could have been different for him. All and all, making parody of Bahubali and Padmavat cannot make someone a celebrated director.


Riding on the golden horse of success, Akshay Kumar once again impresses in this comedy and leaves you in splits whenever he appears on the screen. Riteish Deshmukh as Roy and Bangdu Maharaj is excessively funny. His timing and expression form a really deadly combination. Bobby Deol is also impressive and we must say that his screen presence could have been increased. The lady department (Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde and Kriti Kharbanda) fills the glamour quotient well as they have nothing else to do except posing weirdly like actresses do in Saas Bahu serials. Housefull 4 cast features a long list of eminent cast, but no one rise above the uninspired script.

Why Should You Watch?

We do not find any great reason to recommend this mediocre burlesque yet if you want to experience a rich star cast and a large scale hollow dram, go for it. Akshay Kumar fans might enjoy it.


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