Helicopter Eela Day 1 Collections: This Kajol Starrer Earned This Total

The Kajol starrer and the ace director Pradeep Sarkar’s Helicopter Eela failed to attract the audience. Although, Kajol and the National awardee Riddhi Sen are getting appreciated for their roles, but the harsh reality is the success of a film is metered by the response it gets at the Box Office.

The day 1 collection of Helicopter Eela are mere 75 lakh. However, the film is expected to do well on the weekend. Reviews and the report of the film are also mixed; therefore, if the film does not recover on Saturday and Sunday then it would be very difficult for it to dish out its budget.

helicopter eela weekend collections

Based on the mother-son relationship, this family drama highlights how uncomfortable things go for a son when her mother joins his college to complete her studies.

Helicopter Eela Day 1 Collections:  ₹ 75 lakh

Helicopter Eela Day 2 Collections: ₹ 1.1 cr

Helicopter Eela Day 3 Collections: ₹ 1.3 cr

Helicopter Eela Weekend Collections: ₹ 3.15

Helicopter Eela First Week Collections: ₹ 3.15 cr.

Helicopter Eela Day 4 Collections: ₹ 55 lakh

Helicopter Eela Day 5 Collections: 

Helicopter Eela Day 6 Collections: ₹ 

Helicopter Eela Day 7  Collections: 

Helicopter Eela Lifetime collections: 

Helicopter Eela Total Collections: 




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