Hate Story 4 Review: Not So Convinced Attempt to Titillate the Audience

This edition of the series serves up many twists and turns but all end in smoke, as they seem quite predictable. Most of the clever story edges are ruined because of the one-after-another and unnecessary erotic moments.


The fourth installment of the Hate Story franchise is again a revenge drama set in the swanky setting of London where two brothers Aryan Khurana (Vivan Bhathena) and Rajveer Khurana (Karan Wahi) have an advertising agency while their father (Gulshan Grover) is all set to fight mayoral elections.

The brother duo signs Taasha (Urvashi) for one of their client’s advertising campaign, but Rajveer who is a Casanova, starts craving to sleep with her but Aryan suggests him to win her heart instead as he too has the same intent despite being in a relationship with their another model Rishma (Ihana Dhillon). But when Rajveer proposes to Taasha in a party, it becomes unbearable for Aryan and he intrigues a plan by sending Rajveer and Ihana out of town for ‘a project’ while here, he spikes Taasha’s drink and sleeps with her.

Taasha finds herself in ravage the next morning but Aryan tells her to keep it a secret so as to not break Rajveer’s heart. But to their dismay, someone clicks their cozy moments leaving them in another trouble. When their act is revealed to Rishma, she incriminates Aryan for cheating her, and in a scuffle, the former is killed accidentally leaving Taasha as a witness. Aryan disposes of her body and makes it appear as if Rishma is missing. Before Rajveer sniffs the matter buried under the carpet, Taasha sets herself to avenge the Khuranas. Does she get through? Who is her helper? Or the story takes another turn…is all that the climax has to display.

Plot and Screenplay

The story by Sammeer Arora is quite predictable but a few twists really give you goosebumps, but rest, you might find confusing. Penned by Sammeer Arora and Vishal Pandya, the screenplay could have been less simple and crisper.


Had Vishal Pandya picked a simpler narrative style, this edition of Hate Story could have left a deeper impact. He even could have removed the setbacks on the editing desk but missed miserably.


Urvashi bounces back in the second half after a flat performance before the interval where she is just kept for dropping her robes every now and then. Vivan Bhatena impresses and enshrouds the different shades of characters. Similarly, Karan does ably well in his shoes. Gulshan and Ihana live their brief but pivotal roles pretty well.

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