Good Newwz Review: This Sperm Goof-Up Is Immensely Side-Splitting

Comedy has been the only genre that has remained intact in terms of luring the audience since the inception of cinema. From Charlie Chaplin to our Johny Walker, Mehmood, Govinda all earned a great deal of fame and left their footprints to follow. Though, comedy has run through a great transformation in this century and many concepts, which were bold a decade ago, have now become the USP of the films centered upon these. Moreover, if garbage like Houseful 4 makes up more than 200 cr, you can imagine how desperate the audience is to plunge into it.

The last release of the year, Good Newwz is mere the next block in the series and has all the spices to form a 2 hours 12 min entertainer. Let’s dissect more in this Good Newwz review.


Varun Batra (Akshay) and Deepti Batra (Kareena Kapoor) are a middle-aged couple who have finally realized to extend their family, but Deepti fails to conceive. They meet Dr Joshi (Aadil Hussain) and Dr Mrs. Joshi (Tisca Chopra) for IVF, but get stunned to know that their sperm is swapped with the sample of a couple Honey Singh (Diljit) and Monika (Kiara) as they also have the same sir name, Batra. From here, all four leads embark on a weird journey that proves to side-splitting for the audience.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Jyoti Kapoor, the idea is undoubtedly novel and has been written very intelligently. The screenplay has been woven so brilliantly that you never feel that anything exotic or out of the blue is happening. Despite the class appealing concept, Jyoti Kapoor with co-writer Rishab Sharma has not only successfully conveyed even IVF and other stuff but also engaged the audience right from the word go because the comedy emerges in the film has the universal appeal.

Another peculiar aspect of Jyoti and Rishab’s screenplay is that every character has his/her own characteristics and they carry those traits throughout the film. This helps breaking out even a hilarious series of drama.  Fast half is fast-paced and the interval point is really exciting. The film takes an emotional turn in the last 15-20 minutes and leaves a worthy message as well in the end.

good newwz review

Dialogues by the same duo are subtle, class appealing but engaging and humorous. Some of them are of course adult, but they add amplify the humor, so you hardly bother about it. It’s true that a few are just intruded in the drama and the film could leave a mark without them as well.


The debutante director Raj Mehta impresses with his absolute outstanding narrative. You can’t believe that it’s his first film as he has handled the whole drama like a seasoned director.  He takes the comedy in the film to a level where audience is highly delighted and then gives the moments of emotional breakout with a lot of deft.


Akshay Kumar is fantastic as a middle aged man. You love him whenever he appears on the screen. His comic timing is so elevated that his mere presence gives you jolts of laughter.

Kareena Kapoor, besides looking super glamorous, does a superb job as Deepti. She lives the expectations, hardships, feelings of  a would be mother with a lot of brilliance. She nails it in one long dialogue when she interacts with Varun. Even she shin in comedy scenes.

Diljit comes like a whip of fresh air. What a natural performer he is. He makes you believe that no one could play Honey Batra the way he has enacted. This role was meant only for him. Kiara is so cute and looks natural. You even cry along with her in some scenes. All four have done a great job. The chemistry among these characters is outstanding. Kudos to the writers once again.

Why Should You Watch?

All and all, Good Newwz is really a hilarious package that you should not miss this weekend.


Let us know how did you find our Good Newwz review and stay tuned to us for more such genuine reviews and Bollywood updates.

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