Gold Review-Gold Is Largely A Male Chak De India Reprise

Gold Movie Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amit Sadh, Vineet Kumar Singh, Sunny Kaushal, Kunal Kapoor, Mouni Roy

Gold Movie Director: Reema Kagti

Gold movie Ratings: Two and a half stars

Whenever a sports film hit cinemas, and that too having Hockey as the backdrop, intentionally or unintentionally Chak De India starts whirling in our minds because Chak De can be unarguably considered the GOLD for any new sports film. It comprises almost every aspect; gender biases, religion and region tensions, inter-personal rivalries, and what not. Thus, Chak De automatically becomes a tough affair to follow.

The Independence Day release Gold also seems to follow the footprint of the 2007 super hit. However, with two differences; one, the stick is handed over to men’s this time, and second is the 1940s backdrop chosen to, of course, separate it from Shamit Amin’s patriotic classic.


Tapan Das, who is passionate about hockey and works for Indian Hockey Federation, feels pain whenever his team wins Olympics and the British flag unfurls. His dream is to see Indian team playing and winning under the tricolor. But his dream breaks into pieces when India was divided into two parts. His team players move to Pakistan and a few more to Australia. But then, Samrat (Kunal Kapoor), the ex-champion and a trainer, extends his hand to help Tapan in order to form a new team, which can participate in the upcoming 1948 Olympics and win gold on the Britishers soil by beating them.

gold review

Does wrecked Tapan become able to build a new team? Does the Indian Hockey team win gold and avenge the Britishers? All the questions form the crux of the film.

Screenplay and Dialogues

Penned by Rajesh Devraj and Reema Kagti, the story of Gold is surely not novel; therefore, the sequences really do not excite that much. The first half is slow as well as repetitive. However, Reema Kagti has tried her best to keep the screenplay pleasing, especially the second half where the things occur comparatively at a rapid pace.

Some Dialogues by Reema are clap-worthy and erupt a sense of pride in many instances.


The era of 1936 to 1948 is created very neatly by Reema Kagti. However, the loopholes in the script do not leave much scope for her to show the brilliance she owns.


Akshay, as usual, slips into the skin of Tapan quite well. He lives his pain, pride, and persuasion brilliantly while being rebuked for his actions every time. Mouni Roy is fine. She looks pretty. Amit Sadh plays the role of a player well. Kunal Kapoor also lands a good support.


“Chad Gayi Hai’ and ‘Naino Ne Baandhi’ are good. The background score also magnifies the whole drama.

Why Should I Watch?

Dig out Gold if you are a die-hard Akki fan loves watching him playing a not-so-convincing patriot over and over again. Otherwise stay at home and enjoy hot coffee and pakodas in the rain.

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