Bharat Review: Bharat Drenches You with A Wave of Emotions and Humor

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When Salim Khan suggested Salman to watch the Korean hit Ode to My Father, he made his mind to have its Indian version. Salman immediately called up Ali Abbas Zafar who also then watched and appreciated the film. They decided to pen down its Bollywood version, which is chock full with Indian flavors.  According to Ali, Bharat is a celebration of life through the life and journey of a man as well as the nation. Let’s dig out how exactly Salman and co have put it up on the silver screen.


Bharat (Salman), who reaches to Atari Border and celebrates his birthday with family and kids, recalls his separation from his father (Jackie) and his younger sister during partition in 1947. The 10 year old Bharat sets off a journey to seek the clue two of them. For living, he joins a circus where meets Radha (Disha) but their mini term of union reaches to an end when Bharat bids adieu to the circus considering the death threat.

bharat review

He then moves to a recruitment firm where he comes across Vilayati (Sunil Grover) who later becomes his close chum. During their quest to find a job, they meet Kumud Raina (Katrina) who is the recruitment head and Bharat embarks on a journey to Malta with his soul mate Kumud, but here also, his search for his father and sister remains on.  After 60 years of expedition and being into various metiers, Bharat returns to his motherland.  Does search end here? The answer to this question forms the crux of the film.

Screenplay and Dialogues

The entire film is a journey of a man from 1947 to 2010 and AliAbbas Zafar, who has co-written the story and screenplay of Bharat with Park Su-Jin and Varun V. Sharma, has done a reasonably good job as he brilliantly blends the strings of emotions with a tinge of inartificial humor.

However, in a rush to direct such a massive film, Ali and co left many grey areas in Bharat script as well as in screenplay. The moment he realizes that, he tries his ass off to recoup with a couple of punch-packed dialogues but it hardly makes any difference.

Dialogues of Bharat are penned by Varun V. Sharma and he ends up delivering an average job except a few ones.


Ali is known for forming a larger than life arena and when Salman enters into it, the whole scale shoots up. In an attempt to handle all this, Ali fails slightly and ends up creating a melodrama with plenty of moral precepts. The over stretched run time of Bharat also turns out to be a major flaw as it could have been easily 15 minutes short.  


As usual, you will find Salman in almost every frame and he tickles you with his same familiar dialogue delivery, moves, punches, dance and budge. However, he misses to touch the mark he set for himself in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but overall a decent show by him. Katrina, on the contrary, steals the show right under Salman’s nose this time.  With improved Hindi, its intonation, and expressions she leaves a sound mark. The biggest highlight of the film is Dr. Gulati, I mean Guthi…no… Sunil Grover who tickles your funny bones whenever appears at the screen. His outstanding comic timing brings the house down. Disha Patani plays nothing but a hot appearance and she does that remarkably.  Jackie Shroff and Sonali Kulkarni lend powerful support.


Slow Motion’ has turned out to be the biggest hit of the year so far with more than 74 million views already on YouTube. ‘Chashni’, and ‘Aithey Na’, simply forward the drama on and are being composed as per the mood of the film. But the show stopper, in our opinion, is ‘Zinda’, a well-composed and rich lyrical treat to ears.

Why Should You Watch

Salman Khan fans who have been expecting the Eidi from him since long, this laugh-emotional drama might sweeten their taste. Rest, the content lovers, should book tickets without towering expectations.

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