Batla House Review: An Intriguing Tale Full of Patriotic Fervour

Batla House movie rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ½

Batla House movie cast: John Abraham, Ravi Kishan, Mrunal Thakur, Manish Chaudhary, Rajesh Sharma

Batla House movie director: Nikkhil Advani


Since when John has turned a producer, plots with plenty of layers have been his first choice. Whether its Vicky Doner,  Madras Café or Parmanu, all such stories not only introduce you to new facets of life but also entertain you in toto. Even his patriotic tendencies differ when he chooses subjects like these and that’s what keeps him apart from his arch-rival Akshay Kumar. Batla House seems to add another feather in his cap now.


Sanjay Kumar (John) is a decorated ACP who faces fierce scrutiny after he and his team kill two alleged IM terrorists and arrests one at Batla House, Delhi with the tip to their involvement in the 2008 Delhi bomb blast. Still, two more IM operatives manage to escape and are away from Police’s reach while Sanjay’s teammate KK (Ravi Kishan) gets seriously injured and breathes his last in the hospital. Soon after, the whole encounter is titled ‘Fake Encounter’ and media, public, and politicians raise a hue and cry over it. Running out of any proof whether the dead were really terrorists or innocents, how Sanjay and his team prove it forms the crux of the film.

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Screenplay and Dialogues

Inspired by true events, the story of Batla House is penned by Ritesh Shah who engages the audience well in the first half by penning down the constant events took place the day and the time followed. However, his screenplay meets flaws like repetition, unnecessary melodrama, and disclaimers in the letter half. Had the writer took a stand and told the fact a little more bluntly, Batla House would have been an authentic document for the entire event like we had seen in No One Killed Jessica. The climax also could have been a little bolder and near to facts and truth.

Some of the dialogues of Batla House are really impactful for instance, “the salary we get to catch terrorists is way too less and a traffic havaldar earns more than that in a day.”


Nikkhil Advani’s narrative is edgy and involves you in the drama unfolding on the screen. The well-written first half is backed with the deft direction, which, however, loses its charm in the second half for some time when the whole affair reaches the court and various stages of the investigation, but Nikkhil makes it up soon through the drama follows and keeps the audience engaged throughout soon after. As we said earlier, the climax would have been edgier if it had woven with some imposing reasons.


John has really evolved enormously as an actor and films like Madras Café, Parmanu, and now Batla House have been the benchmarks in his blooming career. Mrunal Thakur impresses again after Super 30 with her steady performance, first as a TV journalist and later Sanjay’s wife. Ravi Kishan leaves his mark in a brief but significant role. Nora Fatehi successfully bumps and grinds the number ‘Saaki’.


Batla House songs are rather functional and go well with the mood of the film. Other than the chartbuster ‘Saaki’, another song that catches your attention is ‘Rula Diya, a quite emotional track. Then ‘Jaako Rakhe’ is soothing.

Why Should You Watch?

We always condemn Bollywood for not making realistic cinema with wholesome entertainment, Batla House emerges the pleasing gust amid the humid prevailed around. What else can be a better option this 15 August or on the weekend than a thought-provoking drama stacked with patriotic fervor?

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