Amavas Review: This Weary Tale Proves To Be A Dreadful Experience To Watch

A horror film consists of a crisp story, mind gobbling suspense, and of course, scenes that break you out in a cold sweat.  However, bringing all three things in proper proportion is a tough nut to crack; therefore, it’s been quite long since we have witnessed a core horror Hindi film adorned with these attributes. This week’s release Amavas has been marketed as a Horror Film; however, how successful has it been in meeting the expectations?……Let’s dig out.


The rich brat but Migraine and Paranoia sufferer Karan Ajmera (Sachin Joshi) arrives at the request of his girlfriend Ahana (Nargis Fakhri) to spend quality time in her summerhouse, which has been closed for nearly eight years.

Meanwhile, Karan comes across a dreadful soul, which makes rounds at night in the house and wants to separate Ahana and Karan. Then he meets Sameer (Vivan Bhatena), a close college friend of Karan, who reveals that the soul is none other than one of their friends Maya (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) who died three years ago. What happened three years ago? How did Maya die? Why does she want to separate Karan and Ahana? Answers to all these form the climax of the film.

review of amavas

Screenplay and Dialogues

Story of Amavas is penned by Jody Medland whereas the screenplay has been written by Tanya Pathak. Amavas lacks a well-structured and seamless plot and elements of horror are tamped just to surprise the audience. On one hand, the first half features some romantic tracks that fell on while you were scratching your head to understand what’s going on, the second half also is not very convincing. The back story of the evil soul has no novelty at all and the revelations are also predictable.

Amavas Trailer: This Nargis-Fakhri and Sachin Starrer Makes A Dreadful Entry

Dialogues by Aparna Nadig have no weight. They are routine to the core; therefore, the characters establishment too suffers. All and all, the writers through this feeble horror tale make a weary attempt to woo the audience, but the endeavor falls flat on its face.


After delivering 1920: Evil Returns and Ragini MMS 2, this is Bhusan Patel’s third attempt as a director and it can be said that Amavas is his weakest endeavor ever. He fails to deaden the loopholes of the script. In fact, he seems to be overdoing in many of the scenes.


A genre like this should be backed with some solid performances, but Amavas does not boast even that. We think that Bhusan Patel is again responsible here for not bringing the best out of his actors. Instead of Sachin Joshi why did the makers not cast Sachin Khedekar, at lead they would have got a better actor. Nargis Fakhri, as we all know, has a beautiful face as well as figure, but people watch the film for entertainment not just too see the expressionless faces. She is not more than a BIMBO.


When the audience get frustrated watching a humdrum flick, they look for some relief through songs, but alas, they get nothing exciting here as well. ‘Jab Se Mera Dil’ and ‘Zikr’ are good. Other than ‘Flinito’ all songs are slow-paced.

Why Should I Watch?

Go for it, if you have nothing exciting other than watching a dowdy tale of horror.  

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