2.0 Review: Shankar’s Magnum Opus Is Undoubtedly A Cinematic Marvel

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The highly anticipated sci-fi of the year and the sequel to the Robot released in 2010, 2.0 is in theaters now. With a whopping budget of 543 cr, 2.0 is the most expensive film ever made in India. Therefore, a lot has been riding on the shoulders of the superstar Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, director Shankar and on many others. So, let us find out how much this film has been able to allure the audience.


2.0 revolves around the object we all carry wherever we head to. We have given this device so much importance that it has now become an indispensable part of our daily routine. This is the mindset  Shankar blows at.

One day, when everything seemed normal in a city, an unknown force vanishes all cell phones into thin air. People are left with  mere an awe-struck expression on their faces. This leads scientist Vaseegaran (Rajini) to figure out this impending calamity and he suggests to unleash Chitti-the super robot, in order to save the city from what Vasee calls it the ‘Fith Fortce’.

Screenplay and Dialogues

The whole structure of the film is rooted in the thought ‘If this happens’ and the sequences around this imagination are woven so brilliantly that your eyes even forget to blink. The script gets the fine aid of a chain of marvelous VFXs that leaves you stunned, especially in the climax. All and all the whole drama keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout the 2 and a half hours duration.


Another masterpiece by Shankar who has the knack of putting his audience in a perplexed state everytime his ideas turn into a visual affair. Be it Indian, Mudhalvan (Nayak), Robot, I, etc, this time also he has hit the ball out of the park. As people state about him, ‘He is not a filmmaker, he is a scientist’, this effort of this legend surely matches your expectations.


Rajinikanth impresses as Vaseegaran once again. Not even a single expression gives you the feeling that he’s not a scientist. However, what delights you through and through is his double, yes the super robot-Chitti. Every move that he makes gives you a reason to either get stunned or have a smile on the face. As he states in the film, “I will set you screens on fire.”, we think he sets your senses wondering to figure out whether he is funny more or deadly more.

Akshay Kumar as a crowman as well as a scientist is incredible. We appreciate his efforts of putting his sweat and blood to bring out his best in a negative role and it’s reflected every time he appears on the screen. Although, you will see him only after interval but he takes over from there. Amy Jackson lends a very fine support and will be known for this role in the time to come.

Why Should You Watch

Not only for Thalaiva and Akshay, go for it for the unmatched imaginary we have never witnessed the Indian cinema before.


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