102 Not Out-The Mediocre Plot Is Watchable Only for AB and RK Chemistry.

You may forget your duties towards your parents but Bollywood would never let you do so through the timely notifications disguised as films like Avataar, Baghban, etc. and this week’s release 102 Not Out too preach the same without actually preaching.  As the name of the film suggests, the whole film stresses upon the idea ‘you should not die until you are alive’ (Zinda Ho Tab Tak Marna Nahi).


Dattatraya (Amitabh), an old man who is actually 102 years old, but actually lives the lifelike 20-year-old lad having a free spirit with unending optimism. He is aiming at the age of 118 which is actually a world record currently (in the film) is held by a Chinese named Wong Chong Thung. On the other hand, his son Babulal (Rishi) is grouchy and follows a mundane life. Therefore, Dattatraya decides to put him into an old-age home, but Babulal refuses to go. Dattatraya agrees to stay with him on condition that Babulal will carry out certain tasks. The third major character Dhiru (Jimit) tries to put a balance between these two weird ends of his family.


Screenplay and Dialogue

Based on an eponymous Gujrati play with the same name written by Saumya Joshi, the screenplay of 102 is also penned by him and he failed to come out from that ambiance; therefore, the whole film looks like a stage drama. We see only 2-3 characters appearing repeatedly, the whole drama is set-up only at one location (Datta’s House), and rest of the characters are introduced only through dialogues rather than bringing flashback into the play. All this might be considered a unique narrative style, but it irritates too at times and makes the plot monotonous.

As mentioned earlier, there are only a handful characters in the movie and the whole plot is unleashed through only dialogues, so that part should have been at least amusing if not amazing. But Saumya Joshi’s dialogues hardly go beyond the ‘average’ mark. The emotional quotient of the film is good.


Although, Umesh Shukla has tried his best to narrate 102 under the light of humor and emotional sentiments, but some corners of this set-up were left unscrewed. A slightly more conscious effort could have converted this well-written play into a highly entertaining film. Still, its light humor tickles in some degree.


The chemistry between Amitabh and Rishi is actually the soul of 102. I don’t think other than these two could ever fit themselves into the shoes of Dattatraya and Babulal. Rishi seems to be far compelling in the role of a 75-year-old son and portrays the despondent remarkably well.

Why Should I Watch

If you are anticipating it as just a story of two old fellows, you are wrong!! It has more to offer that I do not want to disclose.  I think it has more to do with youngsters.

PK Verdict: 3/5

Star Cast of 102 Not Out: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Jimit Trivedi, Dharmendra Gohil

Director of 102 Not Out: Umesh Shukla

Music: A. R. Rahman, Salim–Sulaiman, George Joseph

Duration: 1 hr 47m

Watch the Trailer of 102 Not Out Here


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